We built Summertime as a peaceful sanctuary not just for ourselves and our guests, but also for the trees and birds that make a place wonderful to live in.

We would like to make sure our green corner of Goa stays that way, and we have taken many steps to ensure that.

Green cover

Summertime is located on a slope of a hill. The total area is almost 2 acres and there is just one villa on it plus two small utility cottages. When we built Summertime, we planted close to 500 trees and plants around it, to augment the existing light forest cover. Therefore the area is extremely low in built-up density, with most of the property being well wooded.

A fruit orchard

Our two acres include banana plantations, local fruit trees like mangoes, kokum, teerphal, kadamba, cashews, etc. These trees are indigenous to the Western Ghats (the precious eco-system of south-western India).


In addition, we have planted many other fruiting and flowering trees so that the place is a haven for birds, squirrels, butterflies, dragonflies, small reptiles and other small wildlife. We are visited almost daily by wild peacocks and porcupines.

The man-made waterfall is a great attraction for wildlife, for many of whom this is the only watering place in the dry summer months.

Seasonal organic garden

Summertime enjoys the organically-grown micro-greens and green vegetables from our own kitchen garden across the road. The bananas and other fruit, whenever in season, also make their way to our dining table.

Water conservation

At Summertime, we take water conservation seriously. Since we are located on a hill that gets abundant rainfall, we have made mini-swales and terraces almost throughout the property to slow down and trap rainwater.

We have also planted erosion-proof plants like several varieties of bamboo and vetiver grasses so that the precious topsoil doesn’t get eroded. Preventing the run-off lets the underground aquifers get re-charged.

The Walking Trail
  Our Staff

 The walking trail & our staff

Solar energy

We try and use clean energy as much as possible. The water is heated by solar panels placed on the roof. Most of the lighting is by LED lights, which consume very little electricity.

Reducing plastic use

We provide free purified water (via a reverse osmosis system) throughout the stay to all our guests to avoid using single-use plastic bottles.

Waste to compost

All the garden leaf litter, etc, goes into making our own compost. The kitchen waste also goes in there. We use no other compost but our own, which is completely organic.

In our home, which is adjacent to Summertime, we keep semi-free-range chickens. The chickens help us reduce the leaf litter into compost as well as providing healthy eggs.

Sustainability in a human way

Summertime has a team of people working on it and looking after the guests. All of these live on the property with their families. We take full responsibility for their living, including medical support and education for their children.

Last updated: Saturday, Mar 11, 2023