The Waterfall and Koi Pond

One of the best relaxation spots in the villa’s gardens is the waterfall and fish pond. At Summertime, the waterfall came as a surprise. While digging for the Koi pond, we came across some huge laterite boulders. Rather than breaking them up, master landscape designer Shashank Vaidya decided to use them and create a waterfall as part of an almost 'natural jungle' look.   

The main structure of the waterfall is created using these boulders. A large stone Buddha statue sits under a drooping frangipani tree while ferns overlap the bubbling stream.  Ferns overlap the bubbling stream, shaded by a drooping frangipani tree. The waterfall flows into a fish pond filled with brilliant-coloured Japanese Koi carp.  A stone egg bubbles gently in the pond and adds its own sounds.   

From early morning to late evening, the area sees a large number of birds. If you want to try your hand at bird watching or breaking out the DSLR and trying some photography while on holiday, this is a great spot.  

Whether or not you are keen on photography, this is the perfect spot for relaxing and getting rid of your city-induced stress. Meditate, read or simply dream: Summertime Villa is great therapy!

Summertime is a luxury nature retreat in north Goa with a private pool, tropical gardens and a waterfall & koi pond.

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