Spent 3 nights here. I work in the travel industry and have the opportunity to stay in some of the finest hotels across the world. I generally like the format of a full service property. So when my friend booked Summertime for his birthday, I was a bit sceptical. But I have to say, with no ounce of bias, this was one of the best few days I have had in a long time.

As a travel professional, I looked at the property with a probing eye and could find no flaws. The design, the layout, the small touches – all were well above any expectations. This may not be a 5-star resort, but did not lack in any way. I have instructed my team to add it to their list of preferred properties we sell.

As a traveller, I will most certainly go back. For a 3 bedroom villa, this one had many open spaces to lounge around in. Sit by the pool, in the veranda, above the pool, on the outdoor dining table -we were spilt for choices. The bedrooms were huge. Bathrooms well appointed. A very colourful place, with just the right type of lighting. Designed to relax. It was quiet, it was well located. The service staff was great and the dining options well thought out.

I will say the pictures don’t do it justice. It has a perfect blend of being professional, elegant yet homely.

Last updated: zaterdag, jul. 9, 2022