One needs to close one’s eyes and transport oneself to one’s summer vacations when at school, to relive the best moments in years gone by. – moments of unbridled joy and anticipation of the unknown, those of wanton freedom and excitement, a day in the pool, a trek within woods unexplored, to eat to one’s heart’s (and stomach’s) content, moments of quiet tranquil and calm, and then the comfort of a bed and a pillow one can sink into, after a day of frolic. And it’s all this and much more at Summertime Villa, Goa, where I had one of my more memorable breaks in recent memory.

Summertime played host to me (and my group) earlier this August. While we make it a point to stay at a new villa each time on our yearly sojourns to Goa, something tells me Summertime will become a regular in the calendar of our activities. A beautiful oasis, tastefully done up and well adorned, Summertime boasts of 3 humungous bedrooms (one has a Koi pond right outside too) and bathrooms, a splendid drawing room, and two dining rooms (one on the outer deck, while the other inside the house). A swimming pool to boot, Summertime nestled away in the heart of nature, and away from all humanity that could bother you. With a cook (Dinesh) and caretaker (Prakash) at beck and call, and a retinue of helpers there on, one truly does seem like the master of all that he/she behold. For a bibliophile, Hans and Sucheta (who hosted us at Summertime), have books aplenty, that one could easily find a corner to snuggle into a lose oneself to the others around too. Be it a book that engrosses you, or the beautiful rains over the trees at the villa or even engaging with a small crawly thing that may have ventured out of the woods, into your space, Summertime was certainly a break away from the mundane.

Located on the outskirts of Calangute, the villa is a shout away from a number of good eateries and watering holes, in and around the area. Getting to and from the place is a challenge, but the ever helpful Nora (the manager at Summertime) aided us with the number of a cab company that was a call away too. My group and I were truly pampered at Summertime, and it’s in no small regard that this trip evoked as many memories of my yesteryears too. I shall certainly be coming back for more if Hans & Sucheta will have us back. Until then, I can only wish the crew at Summertime the best in creating more summer memories for more weary travellers.

Last updated: zaterdag, jul. 9, 2022