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Sun’beams of a dreamy kind

"This couple’s villa in Goa recently won Asia’s Most Romantic Retreat. If “we are the sum total of our life’s experiences,” — Summertime, a villa nestled in the verdant hills just outside the buzz of Calangute, Goa, is quite literally the “sun” total of their owners, Hans Tuinman and Sucheta Potnis’ musings."

Goa's Luxury Retreats

"Goa’s old hands, the people who knew the state before mining, unmindful tourism and its unsavoury reputation as India’s “most liberated beach state” took a toll, will remember the beach as a peaceful haven."

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Summer at Summertime Villa Goa

"Family holidays can sure be stressful if you’ve never really been on any one of those."

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This Hilltop Villa in Goa has a Luxury Yacht, a Pond & even a Waterfall inside the garden!


Why your next Goan escapade should entail a stay at the luxurious Summertime villa!


Spectacular and Secluded Luxury Villa in Goa

"A world away from north Goa’s commercialized Calangute beach, but in reality only just a few kilometers, is an exceptional luxury three bedroom villa that’s really a private sanctuary for the soul."

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Last updated: zaterdag, jul. 9, 2022