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10 beautiful villas to rent this monsoon

"Summertime Villa, Goa This serene three-bedroom villa is nestled on two acres of a sloping hillside."

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5 Luxury Villas To Rent Out In Goa This Monsoon

"Goa is a city for all ages. The children love the water rides. The youth enjoy the party life and the older generation are in awe of the rich heritage."

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7 Luxurious Villas In Goa To Rent If You Are Looking For A Holiday You Won't Forget

"The Balinese-inspired villa offers peaceful seclusion and privacy with its large private gardens despite being in one of the most popular areas of Goa."

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It’s Summertime in Goa!

"A red dragonfly hovers over a Koi pond, the whirr of its wings accompanied by the splashing of fish whose orange-dappled scales radiate the colours of the sun."

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Give in to temptation

"This opulent villa is a two-acre property on the gentle slope of a quiet hill outside Calangute."

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12 Amazing Experiences You’re Missing Out In Goa Because You Always Do Shacks, Beaches & The Usual

"I was lucky enough to find the most precious looking villa in the heart of Calangute - Summertime Villa was the perfect hideout when you want to leave behind the rave parties and unwind amidst nature."

Last updated: zaterdag, jul. 9, 2022