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March 29, 2016

I don’t know where to begin from! We have just returned after a one month stay and I did not want to end the day before writing a review for them!

Mr Hans and Sucheta are the nicest people I have known.. we did not think we were on a holiday, they just made us feel at home.. their staff is so amazing and nothing was too much effort for them! They would do everything with a smile.. we will not forget their smiling faces for long as Prakash and Ranjan have spoilt us royally.. they are so well trained and the way they maintain the property is impeccable!! Every single day the pool is cleaned and so is every corner of the house…

My children had to school from home which is why we could stay so long and every single morning their breakfast was given on time along with their choice of milk and nuts! You just have to tell them once and like a computer they obey and do everything repeatedly on time and with so much perfection !!

Also the Space in the house is soooo much!! It’s awesome how they have planned every detail together! there are very few ppl who one wishes he knows forever and trust me the entire team is such that you feel blessed to be around them!!

For us Goa holds just one meaning after this trip and that is Summertime !!

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