If you think you’ve seen it all in Goa, Summertime luxury villa in Calangute will make you think again. This boutique hotel exudes a country home vibe with tall columns and terracotta shingled roof. Inside, the living room boasts a double heighted ceiling and cane furniture propped with comfy cushions. However, it’s the airy suites that get our vote. Each of the three suites featuring distinct colour schemes but consistent layout, look out to different views.

For maximising the breeze and sunlight in your house, take a cue from the villa’s spacious living room with floor to ceiling windows. Opt for French windows in your home to drench it with sunlight. Contrary to what the design rulebook says, the rooms in your house can be all different colours. However, to maintain some consistency, some elements could remain constant. For instance, the flooring in all the rooms or even the kind and type of furniture used could be the same. Lastly, pile up the rugs and dhurries to demarcate separate areas in your house, as is done in Summertime to distinguish the reading corner from the rest of the bedroom.

Last updated: Tuesday, Aug 30, 2022