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Feel like home tropical vibes

"After spending months in lockdown at home, aren’t your eyes aching for a change of scenery?"

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Feeling Burnt Out? Plan A Workation To Beat The Blues

"Remote working options in scenic homestays, beach villas and wildlife retreats are offering harried office-goers a perfect balance between work and play"

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Sun’beams of a dreamy kind

"This couple’s villa in Goa recently won Asia’s Most Romantic Retreat. If “we are the sum total of our life’s experiences,” — Summertime, a villa nestled in the verdant hills just outside the buzz of Calangute, Goa, is quite literally the “sun” total of their owners, Hans Tuinman and Sucheta Potnis’ musings."

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Exploring India: 5 Amazing Properties In Goa

"Located in the bustling Calangute, you might wonder how it’ll be peaceful at this property. But once you get here, the Zen-like tranquility is a revelation."

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Goa's Luxury Retreats

"Goa’s old hands, the people who knew the state before mining, unmindful tourism and its unsavoury reputation as India’s “most liberated beach state” took a toll, will remember the beach as a peaceful haven."

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Summer at Summertime Villa Goa

"Family holidays can sure be stressful if you’ve never really been on any one of those."

Last updated: Saturday, Mar 11, 2023