Family holidays can sure be stressful if you’ve never really been on any one of those. I grew up in a beautiful, loving household where my parents worked extra hard so they could give my sister and me a top-notch education and quality of life. As a result, family holidays took a backseat. So we came up with this wild idea that perhaps it’s time to take one together, daughters with their husbands + toddler and our parents who deserve a luxurious break to a destination they’d never been before in the history of their existence despite being a 50-minute flight away – GOA.

Bags were packed with a variety of beach clothes and numerous floating devices for the toddler and we were ready for our 4 days in paradise.

When we think of Goa, our minds inevitably take us to the calmer South devoid of many tourists and noise that well describes the spirit of Goa. As my parents were first timers in the city, we opted to stay in the North in order to be able to drive around and visit several tourist spots and restaurants. And just like that we chanced upon a villa in Calangute sitting pretty on a hill overlooking the nearby paddy fields.

Summertime villa is no ordinary villa. It’s drop-dead gorgeous for starters, intricately furnished by the owners themselves who have erected a masterpiece in the bustling, densely structured city of Goa. Hans, the owner and his wife Sucheta have left no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring their guests live in the lap of luxury – from friendly caretakers to cater to your every need, to a large infinity pool offering stunning views of the lush gardens and fields. Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping outside your window, the rustling of leaves or the sweet smell of freshly cooked breakfast that can be enjoyed in your private outdoor dining area. The property houses three master suites with a separate dressing area, palatial bathrooms (larger than most complete apartments in Mumbai) and specially curated furniture sourced by the owners themselves from Bali. We were treated like royalty, nothing was impossible and no request was too extravagant leaving us completely 100% relaxed and rejuvenated.

Our ideal day at Summertime Villa involved a good hearty breakfast followed by a laze by the pool, walk to the Koi Pond to feed the fish or a casual stroll around the property premises. Due to its prime location, we were able to rent a car and head out for the afternoon exploring the nearby beaches and restaurants. It wasn’t long before we missed our villa and quickly headed back to our slice of paradise to enjoy the rest of the day floating in our infinity pool, beer and book in hand.

Family holidays can be stressful for some and a breeze for others but what we learned from this one is that, you need to find a destination and place that suits everyone and Summertime did exactly that for us newbies. With no major disagreements, except for food (we love our food), this could probably rank as one of the most relaxing soul satisfying holidays I had been on in a very long time. Everyone deserves a little bit of luxury every now and then and my family certainly tops that list of worthy deservers. Imagine having lived all your life with your parents and siblings, yet learning new things about them when you actually travel together. We ended our 4-day vacation happier and closer than ever. That’s the power of travel. More the merrier!

Last updated: Tuesday, Aug 30, 2022